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Highlighted Publications

  • Peck, K.R, Badger, G.J., Cole, R., Higgins, S.T., Moxley-Kelly, N., Sigmon, S. (2023). Prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD in individuals with opioid use disorder: A randomized pilot study 

  • Cordoba-Grueso, W.S., Peck, K.R., Eddens, K.S., T., & Parker, M.A. (2022). Investigating extra-medical opioid use and social networks among people with post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Peck, K.R., Moxley-Kelly, N., & Sigmon, S.C. (2021). Posttraumatic stress disorder in individuals seeking treatment for opioid use disorder in Vermont. Preventive Medicine, 152. (PMID: 34599919)

  • Peck, K.R., Nighbor, T., & Price, M. (2021). Examining associations between impulsivity, opioid use disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder: The additive relation between disorders. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology. (PMID: 34291989)

  • Price, M., Albaugh, M., Hahn, S., Juliano, A. C.,  Fani, N., Brier, Z. M. F., Legrand, A. C., van Stolk-Cooke, K., Chaarani, B., Potter, A., Peck, K., Allgaier, N., Banaschewski, T., Bokde, A. L. W., Quinlan, E. B., Desrivières, S., Flor, H., Grigis, A., Gowland, P., Heinz, A., Ittermann, B., Martinot, J-L., Martinot, M-L. P., Artiges, E., Nees, F., Orfanos, D. P., Poustka, L., Hohmann, S., Fröhner, J. H.,  Smolka, M. N., Walter, H., Whelan, R.,  Schumann, G., Garavan, H., IMAGEN Consortium. (2021). Examination of the association between exposure to childhood maltreatment and brain structure in young adults: A machine learning analysis. Neuropsychopharmacology, 46, 1888-1894. (PMID: 33637836)

  • Peck, K.R., Schumacher, J.A., Stasiewicz, P.R. & Coffey S.F. (2018). Treatment-seeking adults with comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder, alcohol use disorder, and opioid use disorder: The effectiveness of modified prolonged exposure. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 31(3), 373-382.

  • Peck, K.R., Coffey, S.C., McGuire, A.P., Voluse, A.C., & Connolly, K.M. (2018). Cognitive processing therapy for veterans diagnosed with co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorder: The relationship between trauma-related cognitions and outcomes of a 6-week treatment program. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 59, 34-41.

  • Hollingsworth, D.W., Gauthier, J., McGuire, A.P., Peck, K.R., Hahn, K., & Conolly, K. (2018). Intolerance of uncertainty mediates symptoms of PTSD and depression in African American Veterans. Journal of Black Psychology, 44(7), 667-688. 

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